Homeschool Evaluations

Homeschool evaluations are provided by a Colorado state licensed elementary educator, homeschool mom, and author of three books catering to the homeschool community. 

Students homeschooled in the state of Colorado are required to take nationally standardized tests or be evaluated by  a qualified individual in 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grades.

Lyndsay Capshaw meets state requirements to provide such a service.

Click HERE to read CO homeschooling law.


  • First, send me an email ( or call me (720-982-7512) requesting an evaluation, and I'll send you a very easy to understand evaluation form with detailed instructions you will fill out documenting progress made.

  • Next, you'll return the form to me along with examples of student work and payment for services.  Ideally, I'd like to see a few examples of the student's work in each subject showing progress made by the student.  This can include so many things, and I'll send you more information about what to include when I send you the evaluation form.  If physical work is unavailable, that's okay, the evaluation form just needs to include more detail.  It's really hard for anyone to show physical work for Speaking. Need help, just ask.

  • I'll complete the evaluator's portion of the form and  mail to you with the certificate of progress (2 original certificates, one for you to keep and one to send in with the evaluation), and you then mail those documents to the district where you submitted you letter of intent to homeschool. I include copies of the evaluation for you to retain.  If you'd like to discuss any issues you're having with homeschooling, we can meet in person in the Longmont area to receive the documentation at no extra cost.

  • Turnaround time from when I receive work samples and evaluation form to when I mail completed evaluation form and certificate is no longer than 3 weeks. Rush service is available and price is dependent on services needed.

  • Please note: I can perform evaluations for any student anywhere in the state of Colorado.


Unschoolers, traditional learners, students with disabilities, and  alternative families are all happily welcome to receive a homeschool evaluation through Lyndsay Capshaw.

Every family receiving evaluations in May and June will receive a free copy of my children's book, "For Our Families, Homeschooling Is the Best!"  Just turn in your evaluations by June 30, 2017 and I'll send you a free copy. 


$40 Per Student Evaluation

Sibling discounts available

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